The 3D Mobile SISMO production station allows a quick start with a lower initial investment.

The 3D machine and all ancillary equipment are assembled and mounted in a converted seaworthy 40'HC container for quick and easy transport and installation. The stand-alone unit contains all ancillary equipment and smoke extraction with an automatic filter cleaning process. The EPS processing equipment comes in a separate container.

In case of a 3D Mobile Production Station the 2D meshes (semi-finished material) have to purchased from the closest SISMO Production Station. In a second phase when the produced volumes justify it, the 1D and 2D machines can be added to the production line.

One 3D Mobile SPS includes:

  • One 3D Mobile SISMO Production Station, hardware consisting of a 3D Machine and all ancillary equipment (closed cooling circuit; compressor; smoke extraction with filter box) mounted in an especially tailored 40’ HC container.
  • One set of polystyrene processing equipment (3D Block cutter; TGM, Tongue and Groove Mill; PMM for the SISMO flooring system)
  • One set of auxiliary equipment for the SISMO module filling station
  • The SISMO propriety software sisCAD
  • Training for the sisCAD designer
  • Training for the line operators of the SPS
  • Training for on-site assembly
  • Technical assistance for factory installation and start up

SISMO building technology:

  • Transfer of technology, SISMO building technology (SBT)
  • Exclusive regional license
  • License for the use of the registered trade name and trademark.
  • License for the sisCAD software. Fingerprints for installation and usage of the software. Corrective, adjusting and innovative maintenance to the sisCAD software.


A full SPS is a production line that functions independently. Production starts from steel wire coils and EPS blocks available on most regional markets.